3 Ways to Navigate Truck Driving With a Family

Being a truck driver provides reliable income, insurance, and the freedom to travel throughout the country. While there are many benefits to trucking, the time away from home can be challenging for drivers with families. However, with some planning and modern technological advantages, you can feel closer to home even when you’re miles away. 

How Can Truck Drivers Maintain a Work-Life Balance? 

1. Take Breaks 

After driving 11 hours, truck drivers must take 10 consecutive off-duty hours, according to regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). They must also take a 30-minute break after eight cumulative hours of driving. These periods provide commercial drivers with ample time to catch up with spouses and children. Cellphones, tablets, and laptops can accommodate video calls to make conversations more personal. Zoom®, Skype®, WhatsApp®, and Messenger® are well-known for their reliability and fidelity, according to a recent article from Tom’s Guide

2. Stay Connected

Truck Driver

Some of the most fun one can have is playing games with their friends or children. Even when away on a haul, truck drivers don’t have to miss out. CNET has a list of online games truckers can play with their friends. There are also games suggested by educational software company Kidadl for truckers with children of all ages

3. Minimize Delays

Traffic and changes in weather can alter a truck driver’s plan, but there are ways to stay on or ahead of schedule. Search out loads that offer simple routes or have multiple ways of reaching your destination. Dispatchers and other drivers who know these areas often have insight into time-saving directions that even a GPS may not have mapped. 

Truckers can also find work with shippers who need regular deliveries to consistent locations. You can enjoy life on the road and be at home more often. The more familiar you are with the routes, the easier they’ll be to navigate. Over time, you’ll become even more efficient and be more likely to return early. 

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