3 Ways COVID-19 Will Impact Trucking in the Long-Term

COVID-19 has impacted nearly every area of the American economy, including the transportation industry. The question that remains is how long the effects will last. Will the pandemic have permanent reverberations on trucking? This overview will run through some of the primary ways truck drivers may be impacted long-term. 

How Will the COVID-19 Pandemic Affect Truckers in the Future

1. Virtual Onboarding

When a driver starts with a new company, the onboarding can take a few days and is generally done in-person. With the pandemic, parts of the process have moved online. For example, many truckers are filling out the paperwork virtually and watching training videos over the web.

These changes have made the onboarding process quicker and more efficient. While there will always be in-person aspects, truck drivers will begin the orientation with half of the work already done.

2. Adjustments in Operations

Back-office jobs in the trucking industry have become remote, and this trend may continue after the pandemic. While offices will eventually come back, a larger percentage of employees will work virtually, which will allow transportation companies to save on expenses related to commercial space.

Additionally, as more and more workers move toward remote work during the pandemic, this may become a trend well after COVID-19. As a result, there will be fewer commuters and less traffic for truck drivers.

Shopping habits are changing, as well, and more consumers are buying items online. Because of this trend, job opportunities are opening up in last-mile parcel delivery.

3. More Trucks

With gasoline prices dropping due to the pandemic, there will be more money to spend on buying trucks and paying drivers. Also, larger vehicles in the industry will become more popular, as they’ll be more affordable to drive.

Additionally, there’s a U.S. infrastructure bill worth $2 trillion in the works, according to The Washington Post. The legislation, which is supposed to help with the economic losses related to the COVID-19 pandemic, will include funding for large scale projects in health care, communications, and transportation. The bill will mean more jobs in trucking, as drivers will be needed to transport the necessary materials.

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