3 Tips to Ensure Safe Truck Parking

Time is money, especially in the trucking industry. While it is absolutely necessary to rest when you need to, parking your rig in the wrong place could cause a long list of issues for truck drivers, ranging from simple delays to thefts and accidents. Here are a few tips for parking your truck effectively. 

3 Parking Tips for Truck Drivers

1. Plan Ahead

truck driverBefore you leave for a haul, plan your stops carefully. Only plan to stop in well-established places that have paved parking lots and convenient amenities close by. Try to avoid any stops that are located in highly congested or crime-ridden areas. Speak with your fellow truck drivers to learn where they park, or download apps like Trucker Path for ideas. 

2. Avoid Parking Near Entrances & Exits

While it may seem logical to park near entrances and exits, these areas tend to be exceptionally busy, which could make it hard to park or exit when you need to. Instead, try to choose a spot that gives you easy access to where you need to go but is out of the direct path that could make it difficult for you or other drivers to maneuver. 

3. Lock Your Cab

To prevent costly and timely delays due to your truck being robbed, always lock your cab when you are away or asleep in your truck at night. Keep valuables such as smartphones, computers, and gaming systems out of sight to make your cab less of a target to potential intruders.

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