3 Tips for Trucking With Your Dog

Have you ever thought about having your dog with you for your next haul? Although it may seem like a crazy idea, the fact of the matter is that some trucking companies allow truck drivers to travel with animals in their cab, making it possible to enjoy a little time with your pet while you bring home a paycheck. Here are a few tips for being a truck driver with your dog by your side. 

How to Effectively Truck With a Dog

1. Schedule Routine Vet Visits 

Ensure that your pet stays healthy and comfortable by scheduling routine veterinarian visits. If you travel to the same parts of the country regularly, consider looking up veterinary clinics in the cities you will be visiting, so there is never a reason to avoid taking your pet to the doctor when they are sick or not acting like themselves.  

2. Make Time for Breaks

truck driverPets can become restless when they don’t have enough time to exercise each day, so take every opportunity you can to give them the chance to stretch out, run around, and play. Make time for breaks in your schedule, and look for pet-friendly rest stops with large, grassy areas. 

3. Track Expenses

In some instances, having your pet with you may be tax-deductible. Since dogs can alert truck drivers to security threats or strange things on the road, you may be able to write off expenses tied to your animal traveling with you. Track all of your expenses carefully, and speak with an accountant about write-offs. 

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