3 Tips for Truck Drivers to Reduce Stress

Working in the truck driving industry is generally low pressure. However, the job entails being away from family for days or weeks at a time, and you’ll need to ensure that each load reaches the destination on-time, which can occasionally lead to high-stress situations. Fortunately, there are plenty of ways for truck drivers to reduce anxiety and stay calm on the road. 

How to Lower Stress as a Trucker

1. Get Enough Sleep

Sleeping well at night is crucial to lowering stress levels and preventing fatigue while you’re driving. You can improve sleep quality by creating a relaxing atmosphere and following a routine. Park your truck in a safe and quiet area, use curtains and shades to block out any light, and keep the bedroom or cab at a cool but comfortable temperature. Additionally, purchase a comfortable pillow and mattress, and use a white noise machine or ear plugs to block out unwanted noise. 

2. Eat Right

What you eat can play a crucial role in stress management. For example, certain foods can reduce cortisol, the primary hormone related to stress. 

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Planning out your meals will help improve your diet. Before leaving on a trip, make sandwiches, soups, and salads. This will ensure you always have a healthy option at hand. If you run out of meals, resist the urge to get fast food and opt for a grocery store trip instead. 

Also, make sure you have the proper cooking equipment to prepare and store food. For shorter trips, put your meals in a cooler. If you tend to drive longer routes, buy a mini-fridge that’s designed for semi-trucks. 

3. Exercise 

In addition to enhancing your overall health, exercise can improve your mood, release endorphins, and reduce the negative impacts of stress. Fortunately, working out as a truck driver can be easy and convenient. For example, buy a folding bike and ride it whenever you’re parked at a stop. The sleek design will allow it to be easily stored without taking up much space. 

Some other cardio options include running, jogging, or walking quickly. Running shoes are inexpensive, and just a few laps around a truck stop can be enough to reap the benefits.  

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