3 Tips for Improving Your Fuel Economy on the Road

In the trucking industry, fuel economy is the name of the game to save money. When driving long hauls, you need to capitalize on decisions that maximize your time on the road. Here are a few ways you can make the most of each tank of gas as a truck driver.

How to Maximize Your Truck’s Efficiency

  1. Speed & Cruise Control

While it’s always essential to get to your destination on time, keeping an eye on your speed will drastically impact your fuel economy. For every 1 MPH increase, you MPG decreases by .14. In other words, the faster you drive, the quicker you burn fuel and the more money you need to spend on gas. Cruise control is also a valuable option for truck drivers; not only does it give your foot a breakman stands by semi truck during long drives, but it also gives your gas tank a break. By maintaining a speed instead of accelerating and decelerating continuously, you save valuable fuel.

  1. Minimize Stops & Idle Time

While you can’t entirely control getting stuck in traffic, it is essential to avoid idling as much as possible. One hour spent in idle burns about a gallon of gas from your trip, so don’t leave your truck running on stops either. When you take these breaks, try to make the most of that time, so you don’t have to stop as frequently. If you grab food, fill up your tank, stretch your legs, and use the restroom, you will save valuable time and money as a truck driver.

  1. Use Low-Cost Stations & Fuel-Efficient Products

Save money as a truck driver at the tank by comparing pricing before filling up. Some trucking-specific GPS systems will even plan your route guidance to stop at less-expensive fueling stations on the way. You can also find other after-market products explicitly made for maximizing truck efficiency. Add-ons like trailer skirts, aerodynamic mud flaps, and deep angled bumpers provide fuel efficiency and aerodynamic driving.

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