3 Healthy Snacks While on the Road

Commercial truck drivers require meals on-the-go to successfully deliver their product on time. When trying to watch one’s health on the road, though, it can feel like slim pickings for healthy options at the truck stops along the way. However, it’s easier to choose nutritious snacks when you know what to reach for at each stop. Here are a few choices that will keep truckers happy and satisfied on their drives. 

Snacks to Eat Healthy as a Long-Haul Trucker

1. Fruit

truck driverFor drivers with a sweet tooth, fresh or dried fruit can be the perfect way to curb that craving on the road. Fruit has less sugar and fat and offers much-needed nutrients for a long-haul drive. Dried fruit is a particularly strong option, as it can last throughout the trip and takes up very little space. Mixed in with other healthy options, like nuts, you can have a nutritious trail mix to snack on while on the road.

2. Granola Bars

When drivers are in a pinch and need to hit the road early, a granola bar can be a quick breakfast on-the-go. Loose granola is calorie-dense in the best sense, filled with protein, fiber, and micronutrients. For portability, granola bars fulfill the same purpose with the same benefits as long as you pay attention to the ingredients. Steering clear of bars with chocolate or added sugars will help you benefit from perks of granola without the crash of a lot of sugar.

3. Yogurt

Considering that truck drivers spend a significant amount of time sitting for their job, promoting strong bone health and good digestion in other aspects of their lives is crucial. Yogurt has calcium, a critical nutrient in bone health. It also contains probiotics—live bacteria that regulate digestion. When choosing this option, it’s essential to avoid overly processed iterations of this snack. Yogurt-covered raisins, for example, will be dried out, robbing them of the probiotic benefits. For a fresh option that’s still portable, opt for the drinkable or tube packets of yogurt that don’t require a spoon to eat. 

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