3 Exercises Truck Drivers Can Complete on the Road

To succeed in their industry, truck drivers need to be inherently dedicated, having the willpower to brave the roadways for long hours while staying alert. However, this line of work is even more sedentary than the standard desk job. To avoid the consequences of sitting behind the wheel for entire shifts, you’ll need to perform exercises as you go. Use the following guide to keep your body primed for the job. 

3 On-the-Road Exercises for Truck Drivers

1. Crunches

Without a strong core, you’ll quickly feel the effects of long hours on the road in your back, shoulders, and buttocks. Luckily, you can strengthen these muscles just by contracting them in the driver’s seat. Try to squeeze your stomach muscles for the duration of your favorite song or every time you hit a red light.

2. Planks

truck driverIf your truck has a sleeper cabin, use the minimal space to hold the plank position for at least a minute every day. This exercise can also be performed at a gas station or rest stop when you need to take a break. Since it engages the back, abdomen, arms, and upper thighs, you can cross a number of muscle groups off your to-do list with this one simple exercise.

3. Arm Stretches

Spending long hours driving a truck can result in tension in your shoulders, arms, and hands as you grip the steering wheel and maintain a steady path. To stretch out these muscles, start by interlacing your fingers, extending your arms in front of you, and flipping your hands, so the palms face away from you. Then, shrug your shoulders as if confused, and hold it for at least 20 seconds. Once you release the muscle contraction, you’ll feel a warming, relaxing sensation in your arms and upper back.

Why Exercise Is Important for Truckers

Muscle tension can cause aches and pains throughout the body, as the contracted muscles pinch nerves and put pressure on joints. By performing these stretches throughout your shift, you can avoid discomfort and continue to perform at your best. In addition to helping you feel better, performing regular stretches will help you stay more alert on the road by increasing circulation throughout your body and giving you a purpose. You can even set timers on your phone, so you remember to stop and stretch before tension or fatigue set in.

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