3 Essential Tips for Truck Drivers in Winter

Long haul truck drivers get to see every corner of the country in all different seasons and conditions. The snow that blankets so much of the nation throughout winter makes for beautiful drives, but it can also make a trucker’s job more difficult. Here are a few crucial strategies for a successful season of winter driving.  

How to Stay Comfortable & Safe on the Road During Winter

1. Keep the Tank Over Half

In winter, you never know when conditions are going to shift drastically and force you to stop. By stopping frequently and keeping the gas tank above the halfway mark, you can guarantee a few hours of warmth in any unforeseen circumstances. If conditions turn and demand an unexpected stop, having the extra gas in the tank will keep the cab warm longer, and in the case of an emergency, it can keep you comfortable until help arrives. 

2. Carry Extra Everything

truck driver

This isn’t an exaggeration. Winter weather brings a lot of uncertainty, and preparation is a truck driver’s key to a comfortable trip. Make a list of items, equipment, and provisions that you normally bring with you, and bring more of each. Extra blankets and clothes offer a way to stay dry and warm if you get wet outside of the truck, and extra food will keep you happy, healthy, and warm on unexpected stops. Extra washer fluid and wiper blades will come in handy, since snow and ice demand extra work out of the windshield wiper system. Extra windshield scrapers will save the day if the main one breaks.

3. Invest in Good Winter Gear

Insulated overalls, waterproof boots, and warm, comfortable gloves are essential during winter driving. Good boots should stay dry even in active snowfall, and they will protect your feet during long periods outside while unloading or performing maintenance. Gloves will be surprisingly helpful while driving, keeping your fingers warm and agile. You may also want to look into seat heaters for long hauls.

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