3 Common Mistakes Students Make During CDL Training

Going to school to get your Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a big step. You’ll be starting a lucrative career that requires hard work and determination. While most students get through their training successfully, some make mistakes that prevent them from advancing in the field. Here are a few to avoid while you’re in truck driving school.

A Guide to Common CDL Training Mistakes

1. Not Preparing

Some students fail to maximize their training and don’t spend enough time preparing for truck driving school. However, studying beforehand will put you ahead of your peers and ensure that you’re ready when you take the CDL exams.

To prepare, go over the Ohio CDL manual and then take at least a few practice tests. This will help you determine which areas you need to work on and clue you into which skills and information are essential to master. As you tackle the questions, read each one over twice, and avoid second-guessing your answers. 

2. Panicking

Many students don’t realize that remaining calm during the driving test is crucial. Mistakes are common, such as hitting a cone while parking, but what matters is how you react. Points are awarded if you can get through a stressful situation with composure.

Get at least eight hours of sleep the night before to keep anxiety at bay and clear your head. Additionally, breathe deeply during the test, and wear comfortable clothing that doesn’t restrict movement. Finally, spend extra time driving before the exam; the more exposure you have, the easier it’ll be to remain clam.

3. Keeping Old Habits

The longer you’ve been driving a car, the harder it’ll be to break old habits. Handling a truck requires developing new ones, which isn’t always easy. For example, avoid cutting corners on windy roads, which is commonly done when driving a sedan. Also, the blind spots will be larger, so keep them in mind and signal earlier than normal when turning or switching lanes.

Leave extra distance between your vehicle and the one in front of you, as trucks are larger and can’t brake as quickly as cars. Finally, handling a tractor-trailer requires more skill and attention than a sedan, so be extra careful to drive when you’re well-rested and alert.

Our truck driving school will give you the tools you need to avoid CDL mistakes and succeed in your career. To learn more about our 2020 class schedule, reach out at (330) 239-2229.

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