3 Common Misconceptions About Life as a Truck Driver

Although trucking can be a demanding job, it’s incredibly fulfilling, stable, and lucrative. For some reason, though, there are a lot of misconceptions about the industry. Whether you’re just starting out or looking to make a career change, don’t let the following myths keep you from pursuing work as a truck driver.

3 Common Misconceptions About Commercial Driving 

1. Truckers Rarely Get to See Their Families

While some types of drivers may be gone for fairly long stretches, most positions allow for plenty of family time. In fact, if you pursue only local or regional jobs, you might even be home for dinner most nights. 

2. Only Men Can Handle the Demands of the Job

truck driverAlthough it is true that most truckers are men—according to CNBC, roughly 94% of commercial drivers are male—women are more than capable of excelling at the job. Unlike in other industries, there is no income disparity between men and women in trucking. Drivers are paid based on hours, mileage, or percentage of cargo. In other words, gender never plays a role. 

3. It’s Impossible to Stay Healthy on the Road 

It is no more challenging to stay healthy while trucking than it is while working a standard office job. In fact, trucking can actually be a lot more active than the typical sedentary job because drivers often assist with loading and unloading. As for diet, it’s never been easier to find healthy and affordable meals en route. 

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