3 Benefits of Using a GPS Made for Truck Drivers

GPS technology today is more accessible than it’s ever been, with most people across the country having access to directions right in their pockets. But if you’re a truck driver trekking across the country in a big rig, you probably need more than what the run-of-the-mill phone app can offer. Instead, consider investing in a GPS made specifically for truckers. Below are just a few upsides of a GPS designed for your industry. 

What Are the Advantages of Using a GPS Made for Truckers in Your Rig?

1. Built-In Logs

In order to protect a driver’s rights and prevent employers from enforcing long hours and dangerous working conditions, the accuracy of a truck driver’s logs is now more strictly enforced than ever. If you’re required to use an electronic logging device (ELD) to track your hours and miles, you can now save space by buying a system that functions both as an ELD and a GPS. This device will track your position and route on the map, record your speed, and log your miles and breaks throughout the day. Having this data isn’t just convenient; it can also protect you and serve as evidence in the case of an accident.

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2. Special Route Information

To maximize safety and efficiency, many cities and states have specific laws for where big rigs can drive and what weight limits they must meet. While it might be impossible for one driver to know all of the requirements for each place they visit, it can easily be programmed into a GPS. If you’re using a GPS designed for everyday car use, you’ll likely only get information on directions and speed limits, but devices designed specifically for truck drivers can also include weight limits, bridge information, clearance limits, and more. 

3. Real-Time Data

When you’re putting in thousands of miles a week across state lines and climate zones, being fully informed about weather conditions, road conditions, tolls, and gas prices can make a major difference. Having the right GPS in your truck will allow you extra foresight when choosing and modifying your routes. It can be programmed to have real-time updates on gas prices along your path so you can choose the cheapest and most convenient option to save time and money. It can also alert you to storms and construction to help you keep your deliveries timely and efficient.

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