Driver Demand Remains High

The amount of freight shipped by commercial truck continues to grow across the country and that means more and more carriers of all sizes need more professionally-trained drivers.

Freight shipments rose 1.7 percent in November, according to the U.S. Department of Transportation’s Bureau of Transportation Statistics’ Freight Transportation Services Index.

Not only was the index higher than the previous month, but November’s level was 15.5 percent higher than April 2009, which was the lowest month following the recession.

According to the Freight Transportation Services Index, commercial truck shipping showed a large increase in November and transportation officials are looking for even more gains in 2013.

The commercial truck industry has been experiencing rapid growth for the past few years and that has led to a high demand for commercial truck drivers, especially those with professional training from a respected CDL training program.

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The trucking conditions index is just another positive sign for the commercial truck industry where thousands of professionally-trained drivers are needed to help meet growing demand. For those looking to take advantage of this growing career field, Hamrick School offers two professional CDL training programs. The programs are the Advanced Truck Driver Training Program and the 600 Master Truck Driver Training program. These programs produce quality drivers that carriers across the country are turning to in order to find the next generation of qualified commercial truck drivers.