Trucking industry reports shortage of drivers

A report from WGAL8 News of Lancaster, Pa, spotlighted a shortage of truck drivers, leading trucking companies scrambling to hire additional drivers to meet their needs. Reporter Ed Weinstock reported on the shortage and why the problem exists and what the trucking industry is doing to help overcome the shortfall.

According to Weinstock, industry insiders claim that freight is backed up. Trucking companies are growing rapidly, while many truck drivers are rapidly approaching retirement age, leading to a great shortfall.

Weinstock interviewed and featured student driver Greg Becker, who says he already has a job waiting for him when he graduates, was excited at the prospect of driving a truck for a living. Becker was eager to get started in his new job, and has hope for his career prospects going forward.

Weinstock also spoke with officials from A&S Kinard, one of the largest companies in the area, which Weinstock noted has about 30 job openings for drivers, which constitutes a large number of new potential employees.

This news is great for trucking students who are interested in getting into the industry. With shortages among drivers at trucking companies, those approaching their trucking school graduation dates have much better prospects at landing a job.

To watch the entire news report and to get more information about the story, visit WGAL-8’s post on the story at this link.