Truck driver shortage getting worse

The truck industry is looking for thousands of new drivers and that means jobseekers with professional CDL training could be able to find a long-term career in the growing truck industry.


Despite high unemployment in many parts of the country, the trucking sector is struggling to find enough drivers to meet demand. That is why some carriers are looking to increase pay and benefits in an effort to attract more applicants.


“There aren’t enough truck drivers to move those products to customers — an issue that’s having repercussions throughout the logistics industry,” wrote John Wiegand in an article for


In that same article, Wiegand quotes trucking officials who believe a lack of qualified truck drivers is not just bad for the industry, but bad for the entire economy.


“Going forward into 2015, truck drivers or the lack thereof will rise to the top problem for the entire economy,” said Rosalyn Wilson, senior business analyst at Delcan Corp., who spoke at the recent Commodity Trends 2015 Outlook sponsored by The Right Place Inc., Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center-West and the Supply Chain Management Council of West Michigan.


Other trucking officials said the driver shortage appears to be worse this year than in years past.


“I’ve seen a shortage of drivers probably this year more so than any other year,” said Terry Hoogerhyde, recording secretary at the Teamsters Local 406 in Grand Rapids. “(Last) spring, we could have put 140 people to work driving trucks with good-paying jobs and benefits. But the workforce wasn’t there to support it.”


The shortage of CDL-trained truck drivers is a challenge for today’s truck carriers, but it means opportunity for those jobseekers that have completed a respected training program like the one at Hamrick. If you are looking for a new career in a growing industry then the commercial truck industry could be a good place to look as there is a huge need for thousands of new drivers, especially those with professional CDL training.


A nationwide truck driver shortage is currently taking place and it has truck carriers working hard to find more drivers in an effort to meet growing demand.


“Across the country, trucking companies, and manufacturers and retailers with their own fleets, are resorting to an array of incentives, including higher wages, to attract drivers,” reports Dee Depass for the Minneapolis Star Tribune. “Wal-Mart Stores Inc., the nation’s biggest retailer and operator of one of its biggest truck fleets, is using radio ads to appeal to qualified truck drivers with an offer of a $76,000 salary plus benefits to join the company. That’s far above the national average trucker pay of around $50,000 and Minnesota’s average of $46,000.”


Wal-Mart is just one example of a company in need of thousands of new truck drivers.


“There is definitely a shortage in the company … and an overall shortage in the industry,” Wal-Mart spokesperson Brian Nick said. “We are anxious to get more folks applications so we can pursue more hiring.”


The American Trucking Associations reports that there are currently 750,000 “for hire” drivers with a demand for at least 30,000.


“It estimates the industry must hire 100,000 drivers every year for 10 years if it hopes to keep up with retirements, turnover and industry growth,” Depass added.


Hamrick offers a CDL training program that provides students with the skills and experience today’s truck carriers are looking for, especially with a nationwide shortage hitting truck carriers across the country.


Drivers with professional training are also more likely to be paid higher salaries as companies are willing to pay good money for a truck driver they believe will be a long-term employee. If you are considering a job as a professional truck driver don’t make the mistake of attending some fly-by-night program or jumping into the field without the right skills and experience. Investing in a professional training program like Hamrick’s CDL training program offers will definitely payoff.