March 2015 Trucking Industry News

Trucking industry news offers trucking officials, drivers, students, and others associated with the industry the opportunity to read about happenings in the trucking industry, both in Ohio and nationwide. The trucking industry is enormous, and reading accounts, industry updates, and other important news items can offer drivers new insights and even help them build appropriate job skills in their travels, as well as affect company and government policies.

Driver named “Highway Angel” after dying saving fellow truck driver

Boyd Miles, of Rocky Mount, Va., was named a “Highway Angel” by the Truckload Carriers Association after an incident where Miles died saving the life of another truck driver. Miles, a truck driver for Prime, Inc. of Springfield, Mo., was struck by an oncoming semi while on the highway while having a broken-down truck towed. The accident occurred April 26, 2014.

According to this article on Trucking News Online, Miles and Christopher Crandall (who were cousins as well as team drivers) were 28 miles into their trip from Salt Lake City, Utah, to California when their truck lost its coolant, forcing the truck to the side of the road. A tow truck was called to the scene, and while Miles and Crandall waited on the side of the highway, an oncoming truck veered toward them. Miles shoved Crandall out of the way, but was struck and lost his life. The driver of the truck had fallen asleep at the wheel. Crandall sustained injuries including a compound fracture, a broken ankle and a fractured scapula.

Prime Inc. officials wrote of Miles’ act: “Our company is terribly saddened by the loss of Boyd, but we are all so grateful for his sacrifice and that Chris is still here with us today. Boyd was selfless and deserves to be honored for his act of courage.”

A certificate, patch, truck decal and lapel pin were presented to Crandall on behalf of Miles by the company recognizing the honor.

Mid-America Trucking Show comes to Louisville, Kentucky

Louisville, Ky. hosted the Mid-America Trucking Show, the largest annual heavy-duty trucking event in the world, March 26-28. The event was held at Louisville’s Kentucky Expo Center.

With 1.2 million square feet of show space, the show expected more than 1,000 exhibitors and 78,000 visitors from all 50 states and 78 nations throughout the world. Company drivers, dealers and distributors, fleet administrators and purchasers, fleet maintenance managers, fleet owners, manufacturers and supplies, mechanics and technicians, sales teas, instructors and trucking students are all among those who attended the event.

The Mid-America Trucking Show offers an outlet for exhibition of the latest products and services available to the trucking industry, offers discussion and insight of important topics, and gives industry officials and employees the opportunity to network with other attendees and exhibitors from the trucking industry spanning the entire globe.

In addition, Mid-America Trucking Show also hosted a slate of special events and educational opportunities designed to offer those in the industry the opportunity to interact and network. Among the events scheduled for the show were the following:

Ride-N-Drive: Offers truckers and industry officials the opportunity to test drive new trucks equipped with new technologies in braking, driveline, engine, suspension and transmission.

Sponsored Events: Press conferences, concerts, hospitality suites, company luncheons, educational events, analyst/investor meetings, continuing education, discussion groups, technical sessions, and receptions, among other events, all sponsored by exhibitors.

Fleet Forum: A conference for fleet executives and heavy-duty commercial vehicle industry VIPS designed to share insight and lessons learned and offer executives real-world solutions for fleet operations.

HDMA Breakfast & Briefing:  A breakfast combined with a keynote address conducted by an industry leading executive. Olof Persson, president of AB Volvo and CEO of the Volvo Group was 2015’s Keynote speaking, discussing his company’s views and the direction of future growth of The Volvo Group.

PKY Truck Beauty Championship: The 26th annual PKY Truck Beauty Championship is the largest grouping of show trucks in the country. Truck owners compete for the top prize in this “truck beauty show.” It’s one of the top attractions at the Mid-America Trucking Show, celebrating North America’s heavy-duty working show trucks.

The Kentucky Expo Center is located at 937 Phillips Lane in Louisville, KY 40209. For more information or to register, visit