Many reasons to become a truck driver

Becoming a commercial truck driver can offer you a chance at job stability, advancement, good pay and an opportunity to work in an important industry.


There are many reasons to become a professional truck driver and that is why completing the CDL training program at Hamrick might be a great option for those looking to launch a new career.


The first reason why the commercial truck industry deserves the attention of jobseekers is that few industries in the nation are growing like the trucking sector. Economic growth in the areas of manufacturing, auto sales, home construction and retail sales are all trending up, which has a positive impact on the truck industry. One of the best ways to judge economic growth is to look at the trucking sector, and as more commercial trucks are needed to ship cargo, the overall economy continues to show signs of growth.


Commercial trucks ship the majority of goods across the nation and a growing economy, which is the case right now, means there is an increased demand for trucks and truck drivers. Many economists predict that the economy will continue to grow in the coming months and years, creating an even greater demand for trucking services. The American Trucking Association also predicts that hundreds of thousands of new truck drivers with CDL training will also be needed in the coming years.


Driving a truck for a living can also offer a unique schedule and a chance to work in an environment that is not a stuffy office. Some people may not be interested in the schedule driving a truck requires, but others find it to be flexible and unique. The trucking sector has positions available for both short- and long-haul routes. Some carriers have routes that cross international lines, while others service routes that stay in the same city. One of the benefit to becoming a commercial truck driver is there are a variety of route types to choose from and carriers are hiring all across the country.


Working in the truck industry, especially for those with professional CDL training, there can be opportunities for advancement. Professional truck drivers can advance in their career as some of the best drivers are promoted to a position as a manager, shift supervisor or recruiter. For those drivers with professional CDL training and experience, advancing professionally is a real possibility.


Working in the commercial truck industry also means getting a chance to serve an important role in the American economy. The majority of cargo shipped in the United States spends some time on the back of a truck and as America recovers from the Great Recession, the trucking sector is driving that recovery. Driving a truck for a living offers the chance to work in a profession that makes a difference.


The truck industry also offers better than average starting pay, especially for those with training and experience. Many carriers offer good pay and benefits for beginning truck drivers, and some carriers are looking for ways to increase pay and benefits as a national driver shortage continues to grow.


That driver shortage means opportunity for those jobseekers with professional CDL training from a school like Hamrick.


Hamrick offers a CDL training program that is helping jobseekers start a long-term career as a professional commercial truck driver, which is especially needed in today’s era of high unemployment. Carriers all across the country are experiencing a shortage of qualified drivers, which makes professional training from a respected school like Hamrick the logical first step in getting work in this growing industry. The quality of education at Hamrick is so good that many students graduate from the CDL training program with multiple job offers and opportunities. Recruiters also work with students to help them find the right commercial truck-driving job on the routes they are looking for in the region they want to live in. There are many opportunities for truck drivers, especially those that have the right kind of training and experience that most carriers are looking for.