Industry News for the Beginner

Want a good way to get some insight into the trucking industry without even leaving the house? It’s important to learn about the industry you are entering, and while you’re at home, what is a better way to bone up on the trucking industry than by reading trucking blogs?

One trucking blog that gives career advice and insights into the trucking industry is Trucking Truth. Offering advice on how to choose a trucking school, finding a trucking job, and offering a place for truckers to speak out via a forum, Trucking Truth offers “a positive, yet honest view of the trucking industry with help and advice from experienced drivers,” as their tagline states.

Trucking Truth also offers CDL training materials, links to other trucking blogs, and material on trucking schools in addition to pieces like “The Truck Driver’s Career Guide.” Trucking Truth seeks to offer a toolkit for truckers and prospective truck drivers, and also offers a free members section with additional materials.

Another place to find trucking information is, quite simple, This trucking site featuring blogs by several different trucking industry leading voices, as well as offering news and advice about the industry and the things that are important to the trucking industry both politically and personally. You’re just as likely to find a video about how to properly load in metal coils as you are about a new law that affects truckers. This site gives a nice slice-of-life look at the days of a truck driver.

The Truckers Report includes links to trucking jobs broken down into “new driver jobs” “flatbed jobs,” “tanker jobs,” and others. There are also posts covering a variety of areas in the trucking industry, with a more random factoid/stream of consciousness kind of feel. The posts also offer insights through the eyes and feelings of truck drivers, whether they are talking about a specific company that hires truck drivers to recipes for chili.

For a slightly different perspective, you might check out One Girl Trucking, which offers trucking observations, tips, tricks and more, filtered through a woman’s perspective. Note: that while there are female writers on some of the other blogs listed here, this blog has a more feminine feel to it, with truck decorating tips, recipes, photos and assorted tips. It’s a less serious take on the trucking industry, but one that is certainly well worth taking a look at.

It’s important to remember the reason why you are reading these blogs. You aren’t merely looking to read the thoughts of others who are in the same industry as you (or perhaps the industry you are wanting to enter). But your goal should also be to get a nice glimpse of what life as an employee of the trucking industry is like. These blogs, as well as any others you may find, offer you a glimpse of what is on the minds of people in the industry, both personally and politically. Trucking is a very politically-oriented job, and the decisions politicians make affect the lives of drivers in the trucking industry as much as any industry. This makes politics especially important for this job.

But it’s not all politics. There are still day-to-day concerns: getting through a day on the road when a snowstorm comes through; hygiene; how to stay connected to home while you’re away; dealing with bureaucracy and other concerns; union issues. These are the issues that matter to people in the trucking industry, and things that you most likely will be dealing with yourself as you get into trucking. Trucking blogs are not only good reference materials, but they can get you thinking about the issues that will matter more to you as you forge ahead in your trucking career.

If you’re moving toward the trucking industry, give a couple of these blogs a shot. Take a look at your future, and see if the issues you will most likely be working with are the ones you feel comfortable tackling. Being informed means a lot of things; in the trucking industry, knowing your day-to-day worries can go a long way in helping you to move through them as you are out on the road trying to complete your job.