Health becoming a focus for truck carriers

Unlike in years past, truck carriers are paying closer attention to the health and wellness of their drivers, especially as they work to attract the nation’s best drivers with the best CDL training.


“The truck is, in essence, the driver’s home and he (or she) is happier in better equipment,” said Tyler LaBarge, managing partner for CDL Career Now. “To take it one step further, perhaps fleet owners should ask the drivers for input on their truck order’s component specifications. Because these trucks are in essence their home on the road and so the better accommodations they have, the better they will feel.”


Many of the nation’s top truck carriers are focusing on health and wellness, but some smaller carriers are not.


“Drivers need and deserve such attention. After all, they’re dealing with sleep apnea, high blood pressure, and obesity,” LaBarge added. “So, monthly or quarterly, carriers should sponsor a weight loss or nutrition-programs. Consider offering $1,500 to $2,000 annually for meeting all the health goals. Trucking is a lifestyle change and isn’t for the faint of heart. There really should be measures in place to help keep the driver population healthy.”


Drivers with the best CDL training are sometimes able to get positions with the best truck carriers, which have a higher focus on driver needs, such as health and wellness. The trucking industry is changing as it pays more attention to the lifestyle of its drivers and that makes now the perfect time to consider a career as a professional truck driver.


Now is a great time to consider a new truck driving career because carriers across the nation are struggling to find enough qualified applicants. Carriers are looking for applicants with professional CDL training, but are struggling to find enough drivers to meet the current demand for truck shipping services.


The difficulty in finding drivers to fill vacant positions is that carriers need drivers with professional training. There is a shortage of skilled drivers in America and that is why schools like Hamrick is a great opportunity for job-seekers. In a matter of months students can receive some of the best CDL training available and are often able to find a job quickly after graduating from the program.


Not only is there a shortage of professionally trained truck drivers, but also the industry is growing and even more drivers will be needed in the coming years. Commercial truck tonnage has shown a steady increase over the past year as the economy has begun to recover and economist and employment officials continue to believe that commercial truck driving will be one of the most in-demand careers for many years. Some estimates believe an additional 539,000 drivers will be needed just to meet current demand, and that doesn’t take into account the fact that shipping demands will increase in the coming years as the economy grows or the fact that many of today’s drivers are nearing retirement.


Truck carriers are looking for professionally trained drivers and Hamrick School’s CDL training program is fully preparing jobseekers to meet the demands of the commercial truck industry. Drivers with professional training are also more likely to be paid higher salaries as companies are willing to pay good money for a truck driver they believe will be a long-term employee. If you are considering a job as a professional truck driver don’t make the mistake of attending some fly-by-night program or jumping into the field without the right skills and experience. Investing in a professional training program like Hamrick School’s CDL training program offers will definitely payoff.