Alternative fuels used by growing truck industry

Fluctuating fuel prices and a growing demand for commercial trucks have led many truck carriers to consider alternative fuels as a way to cut costs. Biodiesel fuel is growing in popularity.

The u.s. biodiesel industry reached a new production record for the first half of the year and is on pace for its best year ever, according to new epa figures reported by The epa reported that biodiesel refiners across the country have produced more than 636 million gallons through the end of june. “that puts the industry on pace to break the previous annual biodiesel production record of just under 1.1 billion gallons and to significantly exceed this year’s volume requirement under the renewable fuel standard.” Source:

“we’ve been steadily increasing volume and are planning to run at maximum capacity for the rest of the year,” said karl radune, president of biodiesel one ltd., a small producer in southington, conn., that makes biodiesel from recycled cooking oil. “it’s allowed us to build inventories, reach out to new customers, and recapture some of the customers we lost when the tax incentive lapsed last year.”

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