2014 OACCS Workforce Tuition Scholarship Program

CDL Training Scholarship


Provide funds to assist students at career colleges and schools to help finance their educational and training needs.

Assist career colleges and schools with a source of funds that is not part of federal subsidized funds.

Provide an avenue for accepting private tax deductible donations that can be used to assist students attending career colleges and schools.

Types of Scholarships:

Each year, OACCS Workforce Tuition Scholarships would be offered to students enrolled in certificate, diploma, or degree programs. The number and amount of the scholarships will be determined by the OACCS Workforce Tuition Scholarship Board annually based upon funds available.

1. Hamrick School may submit up to 3 applicants.
NOTE: There is no guarantee that scholarship applicants will be selected from participating schools or colleges.

2. The following scholarships will be awarded for certificate level students:
6 Certificate Scholarships at $600 each

Student Eligibility requirements:

1. Financial need (as determined by the school)
2. High school graduate or GED holder
3. Two (2) letters of recommendation (this could be teachers, counselors, employers, ministers, professional friend, etc)
4. A student’s written or typed statement of approximately 250 words explaining why he/she wants career training in their field of study. This must be signed by the applicant. Must be on the standard 8 ½” x 11″ paper.

Student Scholarship Applications will be accepted by Hamrick School until August 1, 2014. Winners will be announced by September 8th, 2014. Initial payments will be distributed in September.

For more information, please call Hamrick School 1-800-362-0098 or e-mail admissions@hamrickschool.edu

Download the application here.